This Fellowship (DCF) have good link with the Deaf Presbyterian Church (DPC) in Melbourne and this church was formerly known as Deaf Christian Fellowship of Victoria which was established in October 27th, 1963 by the young deaf man, Peter Mundy.

This DPC became a demoninational church in 2002 under the leadership of the deaf pastor, Tony Salisbury who is currently the ordained minister for the deaf church.

Deaf Presbyterian Church is an evangelical and reformed church committed to the Bible as the Word of God.

The aim of the DPC is a unique Church that seeks to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Deaf Community in Melbourne for God's glory.

As a church, they are here to bring Christians together to worship and serve God.

By God's grace, they are able to grow in Christ in the church as God's family.

DPC provides a service for hearing impaired and hard of hearing people in Auslan (sign-language).

This DPC meets at St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, corner of Canterbury and Warrigal Roads, Surrey Hills, commencing at 2pm every Sunday afternoons.



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