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Hold firmly to the Word of Life Philippians 2: 16 (NIV2)

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The establishment of the Fellowship was commenced in 1941 under the ministry of Mrs Isabel Henrietta Sarah Winn who made the formation of the Australian Deaf Christian Crusade through cottage services and in various Christian halls in Sydney CBD. In the year 2011, the Fellowship achieved 70th year of this prolonged ministry in Sydney.

in 1966, the Fellowship purchased the property in Beecroft for the place of worship and later sold it in 1974. The Fellowship continued to use various places to conduct these services which included the Presbyterian Theological Centre, Burwood, West Strathfield Presbyterian Church, Granville Public Library, Merrylands and Parramatta Council halls and in turn of Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, North Rocks for over 12 years until June 2011 due to consequent security tightening concern.

In Easter 1971, the calling of the National Deaf Christian Leaders Conference was held at Beecroft for the purpose of setting up a steering committee. It consisted of three men to draft and create the state and national constitutions for the definition of the Deaf Christian Fellowship. Every state is involved in the national pastorial conference and national camp. They meet every three years in any state and work on distributing in turn a quarterly national bulletin.

The Deaf Christian Fellowship of NSW (Incorporated) continued conducting their business procedures through the Council Management meetings in accordance to the State Constitution through the elders and deacons and Annual or Special General Meetings for the members. The Fellowship aims and encourages to train own minister/s or elder attending to study with interpreters at Presbyterian Theological Centre, Burwood and the correspondence courses with Moore Theological College, Sydney in order of the ordination of an effective ministry of the Gospel.

The Fellowship made a new move from Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children, North Rocks to St Marys Presbyterian Community Church for worship services which started on Sunday 3rd July 2011. We agree to share the vision of St Marys Presbyterian being as 'Know Christ and making Him known' and


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