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The Fellowship (DCF) have supported the missionary organization known as Deaf Ministries International (DMI) for many years. This DMI was established over 40 years ago, when the director, Neville Muir left the Deaf Christian Fellowship of Victoria to go and begin his missionary work in Japan and South Korea.

Since then, this work had been expanded into many countries through these mission fields, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Burma and several countries in Africa and South America, Egypt and Syria.

This ministry is supported by countries including Norway, Great Britian, Germany, United States of America, South Africa and Australia. This support includes the upkeep of the everyday living needs, education expenses and spiritual upbringing so to encourage Deaf pastors in training for their ministry locally.

Enquiry or support to:-

Deaf Ministries International, P.O. Box 395, Beaconsfield, Victoria 3807 Australia




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