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Hold firmly to the Word of Life Philippians 2: 16 (NIV2)

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The name of the organisation is “Deaf Christian Fellowship of Australia” (hereinafter called ‘the national body) for the purpose of liaison between the affiliated organisations, associate groups and matured individuals within the Christian community having aims and objects similar to the Fellowship.

Its objects are to proclaim and uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Deaf in accordance with the statement of Faith as set out hereafter and to promote and carry on evangelistic and pastoral work throughout the Commonwealth of Australia and to directly and indirectly assist the expansion of knowledge of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God abroad.

To unite all Deaf people including the hearing impaired, totally Deaf and Deaf blind. This national body’s proceedings were directed by the national pastoral conferences and are leading currently by a coordinator for awhile that includes national camps or gatherings and issues national quarterly newsletters.

Winter 2014


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